Nancy On The Issues

Permanent Fund Dividend

 The public’s trust has been broken by the actions taken in Juneau. We need Representatives who listen to you and act on your behalf.

My record is clear … I will defend your dividend. Alaska law, passed decades ago, provides a formula to determine each year’s dividend. This isn’t and shouldn’t be discretionary. It is the law. I will absolutely fight for the people’s annual dividend amount to be determined as it should be and not at the will of the governor or legislature.

Proud Supporter Of Our Military

It is an honor to be able to work with and support all our military here in Alaska.   

As past Chairman of  the Jt Armed Services Committee and Co-Chairman of the Military and Veterans Committee, I worked on many issues facing our military men and women.  

I tirelessly fought the base closures here in our state and was a co-sponsor of the Alaska Medal of Honor legislation.

It would be a true privilege to again represent our military including active duty, guardsmen, veterans and their families -- in the legislature.

Tough On Crime

Our crime rates are rising --- it’s essential we understand what is going on.  It's time to bring together local and state police, prosecutors and community members to identify the criminal growth areas. 

We must review all current laws (including SB 91) and make necessary changes. It’s our responsibility to provide law enforcement the tools to do their jobs, mandate punishments commensurate with the crime and prioritize the areas of concern. 

All residents deserve to feel safe.

JOBS! Our Future Prosperity

We must focus on all the relevant issues that impact Alaska’s future prosperity: our children’s education, reducing crime & promoting the safety of all our residents, and ensuring our private sector economy (jobs) can grow and prosper. 

Any city or state with a rising crime rate, finds it difficult to improve and grow its economy – it is all related. A safe secure community allows for thriving children, encourages active healthy families and invites business investment. 

Listens to The Community

This job really is ALL about the people.

House District 13 is comprised of residents of Chugiak, Eagle River, JBER, and Anchorage .  I want to hear what is important to you ... and I will LISTEN.  

Rest assured, I will do what is right to represent you in Juneau.  And for those of you who have brought up the topic, please know that means I will not join the Musk Ox coalition.

Any other questions on where I stand, please pick up the phone and get in touch at

(907) 242-7051. 

Proven Record


I  love working with people ~ together we can move our communities and state forward. 

Having served in the Alaska State House from 2003 -2010 my record is clear.  I'll continue listening to your concerns & fighting on your behalf.  

Together we will protect your permanent fund, ensure safer streets, promote quality education, reduce government spending bringing future prosperity to our State.